Technology Ventures


The adoption of digital commerce has accelerated over the years. Markets are changing, and in turn, people are changing the way they do business. E-commerce trends have shaped the innovation road map of the future, and La Casa Technologies aims to be at the forefront with many more innovations to come.

Our current & upcoming e-commerce ventures:

  • Aviation -eVTOL
  • Oil & Gas Products & Services       

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The potential for increasing renewable energy demand is being facilitated by multiple advancements. These include the electrification of the transportation and industrial sectors, plans to increase participation in the electricity value chain, as well as advanced batteries (and other forms of storage), offshore wind, and green hydrogen technology. As these new technologies move toward commercialization, we may see more potential for increasing renewable energy demand. These trends may foster collaboration that gives rise to new business models and helps advance the energy transition in the coming years. La Casa aims to pioneer new technologies and would like to promote new viable business models in the emerging markets.

Our current & upcoming ventures:

  • Offshore Wind Installation Vessel
  • Structural Engineering, Equipment design, Automation & Manufacuring

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Aquaculture: MAS 300, MAS 600 , MAS 1200

Sea Blue Aquaculture 1 & River Blue Aquaculture 2

Aqua farming is the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world. However, traditional processes and technologies are not able to meet the demand and quality requirements of the international market. The global demand for fish is expected to rise, and the output required to meet this demand is estimated to be double the current production of fish species. La Casa Technologies is working on an innovative fish farming technology which will meet the growing demand for fish. Marine aquaculture is our developmental focus for export, as well as our local market segment.

Sustainable fish production in India and other emerging countries is an urgent need. Our aquaculture system focusses on modern technology with an eco-friendly approach, and output yields high productivity with less manpower. This innovation will enable India and other countries worldwide to ensure food security and promote high-quality exports.

The current total yield of a traditional net cage farm is 50 Ton/ HA annually— La Casa Technologies is working on an innovative semi-automated technologies plugged in aquaculture system which can produce 600+ Ton/ HA annually.

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Robotics & Automation:

  • Robotic Material Handling system & other application 
  • Drones & other Automation products 
  • Industrial Robotic Welding Automation 

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